Project Description


From the Modern Animals Kickstarter page:

 MODERN ANIMALS is a 72 page graphic novel about two lovable, drug fueled losers who work in the adult film industry. One is a lighting tech, the other a fluffer. When a night of innocent fun with two sisters turns into a double homicide, our boy’s lives are flipped upside down as they do their best to stay one step ahead of the psychopaths who are hungry for revenge! A tale of love, drugs, vengeance and low morals. Welcome to Modern Animals.

Modern Animals is divided into three chapters, each with their own color scheme. The book deals with very adult themes and situations so do not get it for little Johnny’s birthday. However, if you dig off-beat, dark humor type story telling and beautiful noir-inspired artwork, Modern Animals will make you endlessly happy.

Mira lettered this book written by David M. Brown and illustrated by D.N.S.